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Medrunner is focused on one clear goal; to provide a premium emergency medical response and extraction service. Our teams of skilled Medical Technicians and Safety Specialists are certified through our proprietary training institute, the Medrunner Academy, so that every response is professional and exceptional. We want players to be able to step into this org and have all the tools they need to take part in Medrunner operations at their own pace and independently. This is accomplished by utilizing a custom-built automated Dispatch system, which coordinates team members and communicates basic mission details near instantaneously. Joining a Medrunner Team and going on a mission will be as easy as pressing a button.

Medrunner is a for-profit enterprise. We market our premium services in exchange for UEC. This income will allow us to provide our staff with the ships, gear, medical equipment, training, and infrastructure that is necessary to support them as Aviators, Medical Technicians and Security Specialists. Ensuring our operations are sustainable enables Medrunner to perform missions at all scales, including assisting UEE, Corporate, and local authorities with emergency medical response to disasters and attacks.

The core of this sustainable concept is the Medrunner Subscription Plan and the Enterprise Plan. For a reasonable monthly
 UEC fee, Star Citizen players and corporations will have the ability to call Medrunner from anywhere, to anywhere, for immediate medical response to both PvE and PvP scenarios. These subscriptions are tiered so our clients can find the perfect plan that fits their UEC budget. During Star Citizen Alpha Medrunner is offering a free-of-charge response service.

Why call Medrunner? When you use a standard medical beacon, you never know if anyone will respond or if they’ll have the ability to overcome the challenging situation you found yourself a victim of. By calling Medrunner, you will have peace of mind knowing that a team of certified professionals will be dispatched to your location, immediately.

Medrunner is a service that is exclusive to Star Citizen, thanks to the unique gameplay opportunities made available. With our real-world professional IT and Finance Departments, Medrunner is legitimately building the infrastructure and training environment it needs in order to provide an immersive, functional, and high quality service to the Star Citizen Community that is easy to jump into.



"After leaving the navy I wanted to continue serving the people of this great nation, while being able to make a living. I found everything I hoped for in MEDRUNNER."

- Sabrina Schwartz, MRS Pilot


Whether you are an experienced pilot, just got your first taste of medical gameplay, or a complete beginner.
We want you in our team.

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