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The next step in citizen health care.


Medrunner is focused on one clear goal; to provide a premium emergency medical response and extraction service. Our teams of skilled Medical Technicians and Safety Specialists are certified through our proprietary training institute, the Medrunner Academy, so that every response is professional and exceptional. We want players to be able to step into this org and have all the tools they need to take part in Medrunner operations at their own pace and independently. This is accomplished by utilizing a custom-built automated Dispatch system, which coordinates team members and communicates basic mission details near instantaneously. Joining a Medrunner Team and going on a mission will be as easy as pressing a button.

Medrunner is a for-profit enterprise. We market our premium services in exchange for UEC. This income will allow us to provide our staff with the ships, gear, medical equipment, training, and infrastructure that is necessary to support them as Aviators, Medical Technicians and Security Specialists. Ensuring our operations are sustainable enables Medrunner to perform missions at all scales, including assisting UEE, Corporate, and local authorities with emergency medical response to disasters and attacks.

The core of this sustainable concept is the Medrunner Subscription Plan and the Enterprise Plan. For a reasonable monthly fee, Star Citizen players and corporations will have the ability to call Medrunner from anywhere, to anywhere, for immediate medical response to both PvE an
d PvP scenarios. These subscriptions are tiered so our clients can find the perfect plan that fits their UEC budget. During Star Citizen Alpha Medrunner is offering a free-of-charge response service.

Why call Medrunner? When you use a standard medical beacon, you never know if anyone will respond or if they’ll have the ability to overcome the challenging situation you found yourself a victim of. By calling Medrunner, you will have peace of mind knowing that a team of certified professionals will be dispatched to your location, immediately.

Medrunner is a service that is exclusive to Star Citizen, thanks to the unique gameplay opportunities made available. With our real-world professional IT and Finance Departments, Medrunner is legitimately building the infrastructure and training environment it needs in order to provide an immersive, functional, and high quality service to the Star Citizen Community that is easy to jump into.

"After leaving the navy I wanted to continue serving the people of this great nation, while being able to make a living. I found everything I hoped for in MEDRUNNER."

- Sabrina Schwartz, MRS Pilot


by Travis Burgoid, COO

Some time ago in 2947, my old friend Tristan invited me for a drink during a business trip to ArcCorp. He told me about his plans to get into the Search & Rescue business. But he wasn’t talking about investing into an established company. No, he wanted to found his own business and he definitely had a vision.

They never gave him the opportunity to run things like he wanted in the corporation we were executives in, and it made sense that after all the experiences he gathered, it was time for him to start his very own project. 

Tristan told me about a service for everyone, young or old, rich or poor, professionally successful or not, affordable and fast - without bureaucracy. This was ultimately the first step of the foundation of MEDRUNNER.
But why me, you ask? Why did I join him and his ambitions? Part of it was my own story, my own experience with death. Because you know, my grandfather died repairing a comm-array and noone was around to rescue him. The company he worked for had no resources for a rescue mission, and they got tangled up in excuses. Finally, when conventional rescue services arrived at the comm-array, all they found was his dead body. Ever since, I realized that the emergency response infrastructure of our government was not able to cover all of space within the empire and you are basically dependent on the resources of your employer.

Tristan asked himself, how he could innovate rescue operations. He wanted to provide fair business to people who take risks everyday, like workers in space, spaceship crews, mining employees. A lot of the bigger companies had their own rescue wings for emergencies like that, but Tristan's idea would focus on the smaller businesses or single individuals who worry about their safety while being in the vacuum or on uncharted planets.

I remember, that I shook my head and said to Tristan: “I like the idea, it sounds idealistic to me. But how do you plan to keep it profitable?”

He took a big sip from his whiskey and leaned towards me. “Membership plans...”, he said quietly, “We will operate like a healthcare provider. Our members pay into a fund, and we use it for operations. While members can expect emergency response for free, we can also offer immediate responses for non-members for a calculated price.” I had to think about this for several days, but ultimately, this idea was what made me join his endeavor.

Some years later, in 2949, MEDRUNNER was born and with it, we made it our goal to overcome the struggles conventional emergency services had. Now in 2950 we are ready to launch our membership plans and innovate healthcare and emergency services around the UEE. Our goal is what others deemed impossible and we are very close to achieving it.


Do you want to be a part of this journey?


I have been working for MRS since the company was born and in just one year I've seen everything from broken bones to missing limbs entirely.
I am now the leading medical advisor for the MRS academy and I can assure you that our medical staff is trained in state of the art medical treatments.
When we say we are committed to high quality standards we mean it. That's why the company spent over 13 mil. UEC for advanced training in cooperation with the Terran Medical Center for Emergency Treatment in 2950.

- Dr. Clevis Enkura


Whether you are an experienced pilot, just got a medical degree or veteran.
We want you in our team.

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