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  • What is Medrunner?
    Medrunner is a community of people for the game Star Citizen (known as “Organization” or “Org”) which focuses on armed search and rescue operations as a service for players in the game.
  • Does Medrunner charge real money for its services?
    No. Medrunner never has and never will charge real money for its services. In the future, Medrunner service will be accessible through a monthly fee of in-game currency (UEC). As of now, all services are completely free of charge.
  • Why does Medrunner only focus on medical gameplay?
    Medrunner’s vision is to be a premium rescue service for a monthly UEC fee, not an org that provides every kind of gameloop. Our unique service combines medical and security gameplay aspects into an exciting mix. Running such a service takes a lot of effort. For this to be achievable, we focus all our resources on acquiring ships, weapons and tools for our members. Of course, members can partake in other Star Citizen gameplay while not on duty.
  • Why does Medrunner use its own emergency report system outside of the game?
    In-game beacons light a big fire at the location you are. There is a risk of attracting pirates and other hostile players when calling help through a public beacon. With the Medrunner Emergency Dispatch you can be sure that a fully equipped Medrunner Team is on the way to save you within minutes. Additionally it gives us the ability to sell different service tiers for in-game currency (UEC) in the future. Medrunner Emergency Dispatch also gives us the opportunity to collect data on our operations and review our performance. Send in a call for help here.
  • Why does Medrunner plan to charge in-game currency (UEC) in the future?
    Procuring and repairing ships and equipment is expensive. In order to realize Medrunner's vision, the funds gained from the monthly fee will be used to equip members with said equipment instead of investing valuable time into grinding in-game currency which could otherwise be used to rescue clients. We want to make it very easy to our members to go on-duty and not worry about losing their gear. It is our goal to create a 24/7 service with this system and this wouldn't be possible without UEC funds from clients.
  • Is Medrunner focused on roleplay?
    No. Medrunner is a real in-game service. Roleplay is not something Medrunner focuses on. Instead, we try to offer a certain degree of immersion for our clients without forcing members to partake in roleplaying.
  • Is Medrunner a mil-sim organization?
    Just like roleplay, Medrunner does not try to be a military simulation (milsim) community. However, we have guidelines and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in place to make sure our teams are effective.
  • Does Medrunner advertise itself in the in-game global chat?
    While Medrunner used to have a standing policy that prohibited advertising, we have since changed this. Our members are expected to be polite, to not spam, and to keep advertisement to a minimum. This means that members aim to only inform a server of their presence in a friendly manner. Medrunner will never ask for payment or instigate conflicts. If you see excessive advertisement or other unreasonable behavior from a member of our community, please report the incident on our Discord server.
  • How do I join Medrunner?
    You can apply to become part of Medrunner through the RSI organization page and following the instructions: Please join our Discord before you apply:
  • Is there an activity requirement while being a member of Medrunner?
    No, Medrunner does not require its members to have a certain amount of active playtime. People play Star Citizen for fun and do not wish to be forced to play a certain way.
  • Do I need to pledge for ships in order to join Medrunner?
    No, while a list of recommended ships for conducting rescue missions exists, it is not required to own any of them to join Medrunner.
  • Can I join other organizations while being with Medrunner?
    Yes. We actually encourage members to join other organizations to experience the other gameloops Star Citizen has to offer. The only restrictions in this case are joining other medical orgs running their own service or orgs that partake in pirate activities.


Join our Discord server and ask your questions in our public lobby.

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