MEDRUNNER SERVICES is aiming to become a pillar in the life of many citizens throughout the UEE.

Professional pilots, crew members, workers in space or even ordinary people on civilized planets can be confronted with higher security risks based on their employment or professional activities. MEDRUNNER wants to keep those risks to a minimum by offering you first class Search & Rescue services, which are usually exclusive to corporate executives or military personnel. 

It doesn't matter if you call us after it happened, or if you decide to purchase a membership. MEDRUNNER will come to your aid and deliver professional security and medical support until you arrive at a qualified medical facility or back at home.

Tristan Omnites, CEO


Fast and reliable rescue operations against all odds.


Rescue teams that are not afraid of dangerous situations.


The best medical specialists money can buy.


We offer personal consulting to find a plan for you.

"We go in and recover the client, even if the situation is dangerous. We basically risk our own lifes for you."

- Harry Markins, MRS Security Officer

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We are experts in search & rescue operations. Recoveries are daily business for us, but that doesn't mean that we treat them like everyday work. Our pilots, security specialists and medical technicians are taking part in constant training to deliver state of the art services in medical treatments and weaponized security. 

All medrunner staff have medical certificates like the "Terran Red Cross Diploma" and know exactly what to do when being confronted with an emergency situation.

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No MEDRUNNER team is without them. Our security specialists. Two heavily armed security officers are part of every MEDRUNNER rescue operation to make sure you are transfered to a medical vessel safely.

Our specialists are training in advanced combat techniques and use military grade equipment and armor to protect the team even in firefights. It is advised to not mess with a MEDRUNNER team.


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Our medical technicians are trained by our very own academy which operates to the highest standards in medical treatments and knowledge.


Our medical personnel has to stay calm even in life risking situations. A firefight is not uncommon when operating with MEDRUNNER and recovering high priority clients. That's why even our medical personnel is armed.





We offer personalized consulting for clients who are interested in Silver Plans or our Business Plan offers. Our sales department will answer all questions about availability, pricing and special offers. They will find the right membership plan for you.


If you are interested to become a member, you can contact a sales person today.




Get the highest medical standards and high priority response by subscribing to one of our plans.