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Medrunner has one clear goal: Give our customers peace of mind. This goal is only achievable, if we as a company put care in what we offer as a service. For us, "care" means that not only our customer is satisfied, but also our employee.

If you join Medrunner you'll become a part of a true team effort, of something bigger than yourself. 
We are an enthusiastic group composed of people interested in different aspects of our organization. Making sure that our employees are trained well, integrated into their teams and motivated for their tasks is the essential ingredient of what we call "care". 


The core of our organization is the Medrunner team. A team is composed of a pilot, two medical technicians and two security specialists. Together they form a unit and respond to emergency calls in their assigned star system. We have a professional standard our teams should reach to unlock the full potential of their abilities and ultimately satisfy customer needs. This requires proper training and guidelines. 

Our vision is to become a well known service provider within UEE governed space and elevate our brand above other organizations through professionalism and trust.

If you resonate with these goals and want to help us to reach our full potential, consider applying for one of the following team positions.

Squadron 42 - Star Citizen Screenshot 2021.11.19 -


Our security specialists are trained to secure the landing zones of our teams and engage hostile aggressors if necessary. They are equipped with heavy armour and carry extensive armament to ensure operation success.

If you have experience with tactical operations, rifles and handgrenades, you should look into this role.

Squadron 42 - Star Citizen Screenshot 2021.10.30 -


The medical technician is the essential part of the Medrunner team. These paramedics are trained to provide emergency medical services to the client in need. They carry all necessary equipment on their body to secure the clients life and stabilize victims for transportation.

If you have medical experience and want to respond to emergencies, this is the role for you.

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Our teams are nothing without their ships and our ships are nothing without their pilots. Medrunner pilots need to find the quickest transport routes while avoiding natural hazards and hostile aggressors. Even more than security specialists, pilots need to function under heavy pressure and make decisions affecting the whole team.

This role is ideal for experienced pilots.

Squadron 42 - Star Citizen Screenshot 20


Squadron 42 - Star Citizen Screenshot 2022.05.21 - 19.07.50_edited.jpg

Not convinced yet?

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