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Letter from the CEO - April 2024 - New platforms, new academy and our journey.

In our blog series, 'Letter from the CEO', our organizational leader, Tr1stan, takes you on a journey through the progress and growth of Medrunner. Join him as he reflects on our past achievements, challenges, and the future.

April 2024 Dear valued members, supporters and clients,

As I sit down to write this letter, I'm struck by a deep sense of pride and gratitude at the incredible journey we've embarked upon together since 2020. Each step, from our humble beginnings to the dynamic community we've built, has been filled with challenges, triumphs, and countless stories of perseverance and friendship. It's a journey that’s deeply personal to me, and one I'm grateful to share with each of you.

We have grown to over 2800 members worldwide, a testament to our shared commitment to providing unparalleled emergency rescue services in Star Citizen. I'm constantly moved by the stories of our teams going above and beyond, ensuring that no player is left behind. A recent operation, where our team managed to successfully extract a client from the ground into the back of an airborne Redeemer under hostile fire, stands out as a vivid example of our mission in action. It's moments like these that underscore the essence of Medrunner.

Together, we stand united in our mission to provide safe emergency rescue services to players in Star Citizen, operating around the clock to ensure that no one is ever left behind. I am proud to share that we are on a steadfast path toward fulfilling our vision. This diverse and passionate community is the very heartbeat that makes our organization what it is, and I am continually inspired by the unwavering dedication that everyone involved shows.

We recently hit a major milestone with the launch of our Client and Staff Portals. These web applications mark a significant improvement in our emergency dispatch capabilities and our team's access to vital statistics and data. They also enhance our client to team communication, ensuring quick and precise sharing of crucial information during emergencies.

Looking forward, we're excited about upcoming updates to our Staff portal, promising advanced administrative and teamwork features that surpass what was possible with Discord bots. This achievement is a testament to our incredible IT team's efforts, signaling just the beginning of our technological advancements. A huge thank you to CharlieFox2 and his team, and particularly capitain_obvious for his work on the Client and Staff Portals.

One of our proudest achievements that we celebrate is our exceptional response, despite the challenges posed by the current server architecture of the game. Our teams consistently navigate these hurdles, finding ways to make sure no one is left waiting for help. We’re eagerly looking forward to the arrival of server meshing, which will further enhance our ability to serve the community and transform our bases of operations into vibrant gameplay hubs.

Speaking of hubs, I'm especially proud of our Logistics Department, affectionately known as our "box cult," for their collaboration with SC Market, developed by the incredible Khuzdul (also known as henry232323)! The Logistic teams’ efforts in setting up a digital storefront for all members to order equipment from, showcases our innovation and cooperation, and makes it easy to schedule deliveries.

While we celebrate our successes, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the challenges we have faced, with one example being the training and development of our Academy structure. However, I am pleased to share that the revival of our Academy Department, spearheaded by Virus_8 and TimeMachine204, is not just a restructuring; it's a rebirth that promises new avenues for growth and learning for us all. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the new Academy Team’s recent Q&A session was a testament to their commitment to excellence, and we are incredibly excited for the new lessons and the expanded certification system on their way to you. 

Furthermore, while Medrunner is on a positive trajectory, we recognize the need for in-game tools to support our operations fully. We join other organizations in urging CIG to prioritize the development of org tools, including organization hangars, finances, and identification. These tools are vital not only for Medrunner but for the entire community, and we remain hopeful that they will be implemented in the near future. All our services will stay free until it is easy to pay organizations fairly with in-game currency.

As Star Citizen continues to evolve, we are thrilled by the promising developments on the horizon. 3.23 promises to be the most significant patch in recent memory, introducing private hangars, UI updates, animals, new gear, and a host of other features from Squadron 42. These advancements signal a bright future for the 'verse, and we are excited to be a part of it.

In closing, I want to express my deepest gratitude to our members, clients, staff, friends and supporters. Thank you, each of you, for your unwavering support and dedication to our cause. Together, we are shaping the future of medical gameplay in Star Citizen, and I am honored to stand alongside you on this journey. As we continue to grow and evolve, let us remain committed to our core values of professionalism, respect, and unwavering determination.

CEO, Medrunner Services

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