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Introducing the Medrunner Rookie Program

The Medrunner Rookie Program is a new recruitment effort, that makes it possible to join the

organization before our services go online. It is your opportunity to be part of the vision before it becomes a reality and the first step of becoming a full Medrunner member.

We want to establish a community of likeminded, medical players on our platforms and to achieve that, we need to open up recruitment, without overpromising what we can do right now. For Medrunners vision to become a reality, server meshing needs to exist. This crucial tech is nowhere to be seen yet. That means we are not able to open up shop yet, but what we can do is provide players with a platform they can use to start their own efforts in medical gameplay. As a recruit of the rookie program, you will be the first in line for when Medrunners unique subscription service becomes a reality. You will have access to our community platforms and to the MRS Academy. The Medrunner Academy is a section of our website, providing you with rules, guidelines, tactics and all other informations you need in order to represent Medrunner during its early stages. You will also be able to apply for higher positions of your interest in our departments once you established yourself as a recruit. In order to achieve the goals of the rookie program, the application process for the recruit position will be simplified. We want to give as many players as possible the opportunity to be part of this program, so we will recruit directly through the RSI org system in order to keep it simple and to the point. All you need to do is to provide your Discord-ID and the reason you want to join the program in your application. Please make sure, that you've joined our discord server, before sending in an application. If we like, what you've written, we will grant you the recruit status and give you access to the

benefits mentioned above. Don't forget: Medrunner is in its early concept phase. A lot of questions surrounding Star Citizen still have to be answered, so you will have the opportunity to shape the content of our academy with us. Applications for higher positions will be much more demanding. If you want to know more about our org structure and the positions available, visit our careers portal. Interested in joining us? Head over to the org page and send in your application today!

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