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This is Medrunner.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

We are officially launching our new Star Citizen organization. With that, we also need to start looking for additional members.

Medrunner is an idea, that we pursued for several months now. When the Apollo and the redesigned Cutlass Red were announced, we dreamed of an org that would focus on medical gameplay. Of course we knew, that we wouldn't be the only one. We noticed that several bigger orgs already established medical wings and operations but there are still not many groups out there that want to focus entirely on helping others through medical services. So when we started to write down our concept, we thought about what would make our organization unique and we came up with the idea of providing something like a healthcare insurance. Members would pay a low monthly fee to be able to call for our services without additional costs. The money would be used to cover costs for our rescue operations and we would try keeping customers happy while they can support what we do directly, like patreon, but ingame. It was important to us, that we don't overpromise. Yes, the marketing on our website is very assertive and promising, but that is mainly due to the roleplay nature of what we do. Of course we want to provide real services within Star Citizen, but we also want to focus on being an organization that could exist within Star Citizen lore. Because of that our members will try to stick to lore friendly behavior, even if we don't require full roleplay of them. Medrunner is all about immersion and we strive to deliver that immersion to members and to customers equally. We know that we will not always be able to provide exactly what we promised due to the nature of open-pvp in the game, but we certainly will die trying. In order to get things going and to built upon the initial concept of the organization, we are looking to expand our ranks. We already have ideas and concepts for many aspects of the company but it makes no sense to erect a building if nobody is going to live in it.

We are looking for...

  • Pilots: We need people who fly the ships that transport Medrunner teams to our clients and patients. We also need pilots for security escorts.

  • Medical Technicians: The medical technician has a critical role in the Medrunner team. They are carrying all our medical equipment and use it directly on the patient.

  • Security Specialists: Our security specialists are also part of every Medrunner team to make sure that our operation is not interrupted.

  • Bureaucracy Enthusiasts: We need people who are enthusiastic about our idea and who want to help with organizing and maintaining our business.

It is important to note, that this org is very young. We are few and we have limited resources and time, but we also have a vision and a lot of motivation. If you decide to join us, you will be part of the process of bringing this organization to life. If you want, and if you are capable, you have the opportunity to grow into bigger roles while departments get created and procedures are ironed out. But don't think we don't have a plan. Right now we are looking to fill the following departments with individuals who are capable of understanding our vision, aswell as leading people:

  • Finance Department: Accountants with the opportunity to get promoted to Sales Manager

  • Medical Department: Chief Medical Technicians with the opportunity to get promoted to Medical Logistics Officers or Medical Instructors.

  • Security Department: Security Officers with the opportunity to get promoted to Security Logistics Officers or Security Instructors.

  • IT: Technical Assistants for Discord Bot development and other technical tasks, with the opportunity to become a Technical Manager.

  • Human Resources: Recruitment Managers and Recruitment Assistants

Please note: While these positions sound like a lot of work outside of the game, you will still be able to participate in in-game operations. All of staff at Medrunner is able to fullfill one of our team roles in-game regardless of what positions they have in the org. If you are in the Finance department, you can still fly with us as a pilot and if you are a Security Instructor you are still able to join Medrunner rescue operations as a security specialist. We don't want to limit the fun of our members.

If one of these positions sounds interesting to you, please get in contact with us through Spectrum or Discord. We can't wait to receive your application.

Note: Direct applications through the RSI Organization system without previous contact to us, will be denied. Since publishing this blogpost we established a application form that you can find here.

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