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Medrunner is Opening Services For Non-Subscriber Emergencies

While Medrunner is busy building the structure for our automatic dispatcher and waiting for Star Citizen development to progress in order to be able to offer subscription and real, game-wide services with server meshing, we get emergency calls on our Discord from time to time. Whenever one of these occur, our members are very excited to be able to help. Sadly, Star Citizens current state is not always making it easy to respond. Full servers or slow back-end servers prevent us from responding to every individual. That's the number one reason, why our proper services are not online yet. We can't guarantee response yet. Originally, we made the decision to not respond to any emergency calls because of that fact, but recently, due to marketing and recruitment efforts on social media, people are finding our alert system on our website and are sending out alerts, despite the disclaimer on the website. They also join our Discord directly, in order to seek help.

Medrunner will not ignore these cries for help. We are officially opening up services to the general public. That doesn't mean, that Medrunner is now officially launching its proper services, but we want to allow our members to respond to incidents, even without server meshing, free of charge. Please keep in mind:

  • Our non-subscriber responses will never be as professional as the service subscribers will get in the future, see this as an early access phase

  • The automated emergency system on our website is already able to send alerts to our members, but because of the missing server meshing, we still need you to coordinate on our Discord

  • Responding Medrunner teams might be smaller, than intended, because of server restrictions

  • Always be ready to accept a party invite in-game, via the prompt system

  • We are not able to guarantee responses because of Star Citizens state of development

  • Our pre-servermeshing services will be free of charge, though you can support us by donating UEC as a 'Thank you'

How to get help:

  • Medrunner can help if you are stranded or if you are in a downed state and have at least 30 minutes time until you die

  • Send an alert through our website, by pressing Emergency on the top of our website

  • After sending out an alert, join our Discord with the provided link at the end of the automatic service

  • Coordinate with Medrunner through the 'emergency' channel

  • Please tell our teams, if there are any aggressors near your location

  • Fake calls will result in your exclusion from all Medrunner services

Thanks for reading and fly safe!

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1 Yorum

Exciting and wonderful news. Cannot wait to get out there and help!

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